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Champagne & Cheese

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

The first time we met in the lobby of Corinthia Hotel Oli stated pretty straight forward. We are having our wedding in Hungary but we are going to have Champagne and after the main course cheese will be served... I was not surprised at all, knowing his French background.

I had so much fun photographing their wedding. They live in Germany working for the same company. One of the biggest sport retail firm in Europe. No wonder they like sports. I normally would not suggest to my couples to walk a couple of hundreds of stairs during photo shooting, but their session was unique.

I flew straight to Stuttgart from Budapest. Dorina picked me up and drove me to Esslingen. We had a little rest and had a lunch in a really descent restaurant. But before we could have sit down the fire alarm went off so we waited like an hour for the Feuerwher to come out and check the perimeter.

The engagement session was pretty fun. The weather was just perfect, nice lights and a beautiful town. It has everything that a photographer needs. Amazing textures, nice, old building, colorful houses.

The wedding itself took place in Hungary at Szirák Castle. Cheese was excellent, I did not try the champagne, though... :)

We only had 30 minutes for the pair shooting because of the stormy and pretty chilly wind. But all in all they had a really private, stressless (we were late even from the Church, but Dorina was all relaxed the whole day) wedding.

Castle of Szirák

Mussó Zsófia - master of ceremony

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