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Maternity and snowfall

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

Exceptional weather with an extraordinary mother-to-be. What a nice combination. I loved photographing her.

I have been photographing weddings for 10 years now. Every now and then couples keep coming back to me to have another amazing event photographed. Pregnancy, baby, family. The first time I shot a woman with a big belly meant nothing special. It is something really hard to explain. Of course it meant a lot. An I understood the concept of having a baby is a good an amazing thing. But you know, there was just something missing. A piece, or something.

Everything has changed when we were expecting our own daughter. I have lived together with a pregnant woman. I have learnt all the fascinating feelings. I have grown into this miracle.

Today, everything is different when it comes to maternity pictures. I understand everything a man can understand. I am a father of a 2 year old daughter and a husband of the most beautiful woman on the globe.

It is always thrilling when somebody asking me to make pregnancy pictures. I do not like to follow the trends. I try to photograph the moment, the happiness and this evolving special connection between a mother and a child.

90% of the time I photograph a wedding and they call me up later when they expecting a baby. This time I photographed Kitti who fell into this other 10%. I did not even know her. It is quite rewarding someone believes you will be the one capturing her pregnancy.

I like it when a client has an idea for the venue. Especially, if we do not know each other. It helps me to connect, to understand what she really wants. I will photograph her my way anyways whatever place she brings me.

We agreed on 2 venues which was of course changed the day before the shooting. Kitti said she only brought black dresses with her. She thought I might be disappointed. On the contrary, I could do something different, something that is still me but not typical. And this is exactly what Kitti was looking for. We photographed 2 venues 4 different clothes various accessories in 90 minutes. I was amazed how fast she could change. She has fantastic jewelries. Everything was in harmony. We were talking, talking, working, working. Time flew very fast. Even the snow started falling.

I believe everything was just perfect to photograph them and make this life event memorable for her.

We will be meeting soon when he is born. I will come back to you with the pictures. Stay put until then.

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