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Love, fun, easy...

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

The hardest is to find good titles to these blog posts. I spent at least minutes to come up with this one. I have to admit it is not that catchy but wraps up amazingly this wedding.

It was warm but there was this light breeze in the air. Fantastic. The whole day the couple was so laid back that I had to remember myself every hour: Peter, you are at a wedding. Everything was so different than a classical wedding. If you can say such things. Is there a lot traditional wedding at all? Yes, there are a lot. But what I see from years to years is couples try to have their wedding simple, yet beautiful. Their plans reflect exactly their personalities.

Györgyi and Peti just did what they desired. An easy, laid back wedding to have the maximum fun out of it. They had a church wedding, but their civil ceremony was carried out by a friend. Oh, dear. It was a lot of fun. Guests laughed a lot.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the preparation. I think this was the biggest bridal party in 2017. A lot was going on. Ladies were busy around the bride. Check out the pictures.

I so much enjoyed this wedding. Their photo session was on a different day.

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