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Wedding at Rókusfalvy Vinery

Frissítve: 2020. ápr 30.

I have already been at this wedding venue 2-3 years before. Since then it has changed a lot. Frankly, I could barely recognize the whole neighborhood. The whole village has been an amazing little thing where you go and you do not want to leave at all. But this time they already had the infrastructure. Back then there was only a dirt road. You had not even stood a chance to park your car if you were not coming with the first 10 guests. Now they have a huge parking lot and a nice cobbled stone road. The event room has also been redone.

Noncsi and Peter had their wedding here on a late September day. I cannot say it was a sunny wedding day. It all started with that rain which you would probably guessed is never going to end or at least not within hours.

I photographed the rings and other details in pouring rain. They were preparing in the family house. I had to step outside for better lights and their garden has just amazing textures and colors all over and the rain gave a nice touch to the pictures.

I think I could witness the most energetic first look in this year. It was so intense and emotional. I even had to focus on my job doing it properly not letting myself carried away.

We only had 40 minutes for the photo shoot. I shared this time with the cinematographers. I could work really well with these guys. Thank you for being helpful Daniel Albert.

Later that night it turned out it is not only me who is preparing with a surprise. Nobody knew it but the parents. They put together a thrilling dance for the bride and the groom. Of course all the wedding party enjoyed it very much. It was extraordinary.

My surprise was less shocking. I put together a same day slideshow where my assignment ended. I left home with really nice memories and packed with loads of data to be backed up.

I usually put here the engagement session pictures here. This time, however, I copy paste a different post here. Since that is part of my series of morning photography blog posts. Yes. They did wake up before 4 am to take their engagement pictures during sunrise.

Engagement session pictures.

And the wedding pictures are coming here:

Venue: Rókusfalvy Vinery, Bodnár Fruzsina

Bride's: LaMeriée Budapest

Groom's: Dress Me and You

Make up: Bogi Smink, Szántó Bogi

Hair: Nemeskéri Hair, Nemeskéri Balázs

Cinematography: Project Red, Albert Dániel

Decoration: White Wedding, Brinza Krisztina

DJ, lights: Show4You - DJ Bounce

Master of ceremony: Buga Mihály

Catering: Fody Event, Dankó Bernadett

Dance: Likovics Alexandra

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