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Morning Photography #3 - Romai Part - Fellini

I have been planning to launch this series of posts. I do not know how far I can get with this, though. I probably should have done this the other way around. I would have needed to blog about the pros and cons of morning photography first. I will do that later. I promise.

I can say 2018 was the year of morning shootings. I have to admit. I love shooting in the mornings and I am over the clouds when my suggestion is approved by the couple.

This time I will show you an engagement session at Fellini Bistro on Romai Part. It is up North to Budapest and located on the bank of the Danube.. We did not need to wake up early this morning shooting was scheduled for May the 1st . The sunrise was at 5.30.

I like shooting engagement session photos well ahead of the wedding. I do not need to rush with the post production. I can have my time with it. If there is a bad weather forecasted we can still easily find another day for the session.

Adri and Marci was really into this. It was no difficulty for them to be awake at so early hours. They like to do things at home before going to work.

We have picked the venue close to the place where they live. I have been planning to do some photographs at Fellini Bistro but the best lights are either after sunset or in the mornings. It has become such a popular place that photographing at night there is I believe impossible. The only option there is then dawn.

As always, I arrived 20 minutes earlier and did a walk around. This is what I need before early morning work. It energizes me and gives me a better understanding of the actual lights. This is where I take some photograph as well. This is the farthest my landscape photography can get... :)

While I was walking and photographing around someone started talking to me. Well it was nearly pitch black. The only noise was made by the river. I am not a freak out person but this time my courage came into the air in no time. Whenever I tell this story I laugh so hard since the voice said: "Do not freak out! I am only the night shift guard." Thank you for saying that... She (the guard) also had a dog. Who walked into one or two pictures. Just to show us who the boss is around....

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