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Wedding at Öbölház Rendezvényközpont, Budapest

Finding a nice venue that fits your #budget could be tricky. This post will not help you browsing through #wedding venues in Hungary. Sorry. However, you can get to know this event hall through a fantastic Hungarian couple. They live in Switzerland and organized their wedding from there.

I remember when we met for the first time we did not go to Öbölház Rendezvényközpont. (This venue is not a restaurant, you cannot go there just from the streets). We picked Déryné Bistro and the background piano music was so loud we could barely understand each other. This was the point I said to myself Déryné is a good choice for a meeting in the mornings only...

I really love when the preparations are not in a hotel room. The bride was getting ready in her parents' home. It so nice the involve the details and the mood of their home to their wedding pictures.

The decoration was really minimal and fit well to Öbölház Rendezvényközpont. I did not have much time to take pictures of the decoration as we arrived there in the last minute.

Their ceremony was at the Mathias Church in the Buda Castle district. It is a rewarding ceremony venue and really challenging as well.

I suggested to take some pictures at the Lovarda since we were there and we walked out for some sunset photos during the dinner as well.. It was a july wedding and I literally burnt my lower arms during the photo shoot when lying on the ground for a spectacular angle.

The speeches were so heartwarming and we were very lucky with the lights. They were shining through the windows directly to the main table.

Groom's: Hugo Boss

Master of ceremony: Szitás Róbert - Szitu

Makeup: Gáli Renáta

Photography: Wendl Péter

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