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An amazing couple

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

This season has started already in February and I still had only one wedding in my blog from this year. Apologies.

It is the time now to post a wedding. This wedding is probably one of the best this year. I know this amazing couple for years now. Their wedding was remarkable. They had so much power around themselves during the whole day.

When they asked me to shoot their wedding they said: we will do everything you need to get the most out the day photo wisely. For me their wedding was really exciting. And it is not just because I love weddings and like them pretty much, but also the groom is physically disabled ever since he was born.

Prior their wedding we were talking about how the photo sessions will be. I have to admit I gave it a lot of thoughts beforehand. But every time I was thinking about it nothing really came to my mind. So I decided I will do whatever I would do on a wedding. I will bring all the memories and candids from their wedding.

Here comes some shots of their engagement session. We had I think a way too much fun.

And their wedding:

Venue: Lágymányosi Ökumenikus Központ

Sound, lights, music: Dj Smash

Priest: Pál Feri

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