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Winter family photos in Budapest

Photographing a family in Budapest during winter can be challenging.

winter family photos in budapest néprajzi múzeum

What are your options for maternity pictures if you are expecting your baby in March. Of course you can go to a photo studio to have your family photos taken.

What if you just do not like interiors. You want to have the spaces expanded around you. You would picture yourself on a snowy slope in the woods, or a gloomy city landscape. However, we live in Hungary where snow is rare and winters are usually rain or just greyish blue. City lights are amazing during Christmas time. So none of them would work.

Option A would be your home. I might talk about this in a later post. Today we are going to look into option B.

I love artificial spaces, built by human hands. It can be so rich in textures and reflecting surfaces. Playing with lights and colors. So we need to hit some venue which has interesting architecture. Of course when the sun shines is an extra bonus. You need to be super flexible with the timing.

This is what happened with us 2 weeks ago. At the end of the winter we could pull these pictures together. This family is in my hearts ever since I photographed their wedding. It is a leisurely afternoon walk with much chit-chat and laughter and boom we are ready with the family pictures.

No need for posing or sweating...

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