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Sweden - Hungary

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

You might have seen a Stockholm pre-wedding shooting on my blog earlier this year. If you think, you think it right. Here comes the post on their wedding.

I got to know Liza couple of years ago. Back then she was looking for scholarships in Canada. We met at the Canadian Embassy on a film screening event. I tried to help her, but I could not, At least 6 years passed and we have not heard of each other.

And out of nowhere we met again. This time on an amazing event. During summer nights in Budapest there was a community builder initiative. They called it Wine Bike Picnic. They were basically picnics in downtown Budapest. I was photographing these events. They were so good. Every time after I completed my assignment I stayed there for socializing, eating. She was there sort of "monitoring" the event... We had some other projects in common and then came 2017 where she married with the love of her life.

I do not want to make this post too long, and probably you would like to see the pictures of their wedding. Before I show you that there is one more story I need to write out of myself, if you guys do not mind.

We planned their engagement shooting in Stockholm where they currently reside. I have been longed for a winter photo session where actually snows. Liza and Akos were really up to this. We have carefully decided the dates for my travel according to weather statistics. I flew over in February and of course the days before my arrival Stockholm was hit by only rain. No snow, no white, no nothing.

Anyways we did the shooting. It was great fun. I stayed only one day in Stockholm. But on the day I flew home a little snow fell. Before I got to the airport we took some shots. Here comes some shots of their engagements pictures:

And the wedding itself comes here:

Cinematography: Zsolt Barabás

Master of Ceremony: Akos Szablya

MUA: Adrienn Pálmai

hair: Beci Marosi

sweets and cake: Marangona

Music: Dj Soulja

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