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True hot story...

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

Peter, I hope you remember us... We were guests at a wedding in 2013. You took amazing pictures. I hope you are free to shoot our weddings this year in Barcelona and Kali medence... Here is two of my favorite pictures of us from this wedding...

This how this assignment started. Of course I remembered Dori. The wedding she was refering to was the WEDDING of year 2013. I might need to make a blog post about that one. It was so long ago, and my website is all new. Old pictures are not present here anymore. Some of them is available on my facebook site, though.

Anyways, back to this story... We were discussing the wedding in Barcelona a lot. Probably more than it was necessary until they pinned the calendar on a day that I had already another wedding. So there is "only" the Hungarian wedding left for me. We could find the day. It was a Friday in August. The venue was the amazing Kali Art Inn. For the ceremony we went to this out of nowhere location just 5 minutes away. It was a small wedding, only couple of hours of coverage but still a lot to tell about...

When we were planing the wedding we were hoping the weather will be pleasant. Well... at least there was no rain. August the 4th was one of the hottest day in 2017. 40 degrees centigrade in the shade! But there was no shade. The catering could not provide enough glasses. It was insane. Apart from the heat the wedding went just as predicted. A lot of emotions. Beautiful couple. Relaxed groom. From scratch I knew it is going to be no fancy, no nothing. Only pure happiness. Let the pictures do the talking...

Venue: Kali Art Inn

Planning: Esküdni Mernék

Photo: Wendl Photograpy

#kaliartinn #Kálimedence #barcelona #balaton #heat #wedding #spanish

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