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  • Peter Wendl

Countryside wedding

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

I have been waiting for this blog post ever since I shot this wedding. I have enjoyed this assignment from the beginning. I knew little until the time has come to shoot their engagement session. Well, we have discussed everything beforehand but I cannot recall anything particular. It was nothing extraordinary preparing for this wedding. Everything just went easy...

So we met for the first time in mid-summer to shoot the engagement photos in Budapest. I remember the day just as clear as it had been yesterday. I came a bit early. They arrived in the worst rush hour after quite a ride. The day before they were driving a lot. The weather was awesome. Clear sky, almost no smog and an unbelievable long sunset. I could make all the shots I prepared to do. We had so much fun that I could go on for an extra hour. Here are some pictures.

Their wedding was a 2 hour drive. They told me precisely where to make a right turn. Do not drive as the navigation says. Of course I was on the phone and missed the turn. You know when you concentrate to drive but not where you drive. On these long journeys I try to keep up with friends and family. Summer is pretty much about going from one wedding to another. Not much time for private stuff. Anyways. I made a 30 mins of a detour. I had to make a U turn, since the dirt road I was about to take was not made for my car. I pulled over and read the itinerary the bride sent me a couple of days earlier. I got there safe. This venue was totally new for me.

Even though I got there 30 mins later than I planned to, I was still amazingly early. I could make my detail shots and everything.

The wedding went quite well. They were happy all the time. I could make a lot of candid shots. I could do what I am good at. Be there but not visible. They trusted me what is really important. I drove home laid back. I knew I worked 120% and results will be fine.

They were so satisfied with the pictures.

Unfortunately we could not finish printing the books by Christmas. But next year the first thing will be their books.

Thank you for choosing me. I am glad I could be part of your day.