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The story of the 3 sisters...

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

In 2015 I was fortunate enough that Fruzsi and Marci asked me to photograph their wedding. Probably that year was the first one I started to photograph weddings not only taking pictures. I just simply begun to really enjoy my time while working... Anyways. At their wedding I got to know Fruzsi's sisters. Yes, plural. She has 2 younger sisters. Back than I could not know if any of them will be asking me to photograph their wedding. But there is this feeling, that you are not able to explain. You just feel it...

For me it is never easy to decide which story will be the next on my blog. This morning, I knew, I had to post my next one, but I had no idea which wedding or assignment will be the one. Until I met out of nowhere this morning the youngest sister of Fruzsi. I was busy with my things while standing in the tram stop. I was so busy that I was probably could not talk at all unless I have 5 minutes to get my act together... suddenly... someone just said: Hello! I knew she was Katinka, but could not even say a word... I tried to be as loud as I could, but I would never know if she heard me saying hi...

I just realized that I have been writing like 5 minutes and you are not even close the understand what this post is all about. Sorry... The introduction came out a bit too long.

This post is about a wedding. A wedding on Thursday. The best Thursday wedding ever. It was mid September last year. As far as I remember according to the weather forecast we were expecting rain. This time they were sadly 100% right. 10 degrees Celsius, 80-120 km/h wind by the picturesque lake Balaton.

When I arrived to the venue, we were still hoping for an outside ceremony and a possibility to shoot the photo session at an amazing venue 15 minutes offsite. As time passed away our chances to have at least bearable conditions faded to 0.

This is where I have to say a big thanks to the venue. Tópart Hotel was reorganizing a smaller conference room at least 4 times during the day. This is where the bridal preperations, the first look, the civil ceremony and many other things happened... Thank you Anna and the whole staff for doing this.

This was the first time I messed up the first look. I like to organize this to a certain extent. Just so, I can photograph this big moment nice and candid. I carefully went through with Orsi and Balazs (current bride and groom) what is going to happen. I also asked Fruzsi (the bride 2 years ago) to help me. Orsi was waiting for Balazs to come in. Fruzsi was escorting Balazs, since he had his eyes closed, So I can have the right moment when he opens up his eyes. At this moment it turned out that it is not only a first look for Balázs but for Orsi as well. Orsi did not have a clue about Balazs's outfit. Orsi, Balazs, Fruzsi and me were standing in this small conference room. I was limited with angles and they could not move. We were all laughing really hard... Fruzsi positioned Balázs at the right place and eventually I got what I wanted. Really intimate and candid pictures...

Right after that we had 20 minutes to have some formals of the couple and some really nice pictures of them. The rain was heavy. We had to do everything under one of the buildings at the venue...

The ceremony went well. I never really shoot with my 35 mm prime, but this small room made me stick with this lens and a 100 mm prime on the other camera. Congratulations, family shots, group pictures. We have done it as quickly as humanly possible. I was so excited. I was waiting for the moment to grab Orsi and let her know the rain is over. I said to her word by word. I know you wear like nothing and the wind and the freezing cold is still out there, but the rain has stopped. Would you like to take the pictures of the wedding?........ I was so excited, that I was probably nid-nodding frantically. (I think she knew there is no other options then going out, at least I hoped...) I believe Orsi was thinking for 5 seconds. Balazs was in ever since I came up with the idea... So we did it.

I had my fantastic freshly recruited assistant Bence who was helping us out with a warm blanket. Thank you Bence once again!

I think I should really stop this blog right now. You might already be interested about the pictures. So here they come...

Oh, I almost forgot to finish the story as I planned to. When I said goodbye to the family at mindnight. Orsi's father came to me and said. I still have one more daughter. I hope to see you at another wedding...

jewelry: boribianka

decor, styling: Fruzsi Sereg (sister)

decor flowers: Virágos Pagony

wedding cake: Cakes and leaves

music: Kovács Miklós - Your event DJ

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