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An angel in the woods

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

"Peti was one of the best decisions we made with regards to our wedding.

His infinite supply of energy, sense of fun and confidence allowed us to relax in front of his lens without realising we are being photographed. Honestly, he was a welcome relief from the hustle of the day itself :)

He goes above and beyond to get the perfectly unique shot. The result is hundreds of incredible pictures that we will cherish forever.

Do not expect the formal photos, it’s the joy and excitement that is so important to be captured. Peti's ability not to miss these moments is incredible.

Highly recommended, we couldn't be happier."


I remember the first talk we had like it was yesterday. We had to skype, they were on the move 24/7. We pretty much discovered in the first 15 minutes that we share enthusiasm about old furniture. It was so funny that me with my wife and they have many many stuff waiting for repairing... You can call it hobby, but this is more than that. We love these furniture...

Nowadays, I keep getting carried away from the actual story...

The actual wedding's venue is quite far from where I live. The day before I had a wedding just 100 km away. So I decided not to drive home. Instead, I had a calm morning on an amazing terrace after a nice breakfast. This weekend was probably the hottest one in 2017. It was really nice to have a little shade with a perfect iced coffee...

After I got to VillaBogart, I did a walk looking for nice spots. I had to shoot the portraits, formals, family, everything on the day of the weddin. I think I had been walking for 30 minutes or so, when I discovered just the right place for everything. The venue has an enormous park, but we did not need to go far.

There were moments, during the preparation which gave me numerous opportunities to capture feelings. This is why I like to be there early on the wedding day. The bride was totally relaxed, enjoying every minute of being a bride. It was so lovely to see.

The heat was insane. The ruin where the reception took place had no windows at all only the holes. It was like having only a roof, but still be on open air. Even without windows in between courses guests were coming out to get some fresh breeze to where our staff table was.

I do not want to get too long with this post. I will try to close it now. What could be the best to do so then showing you some pictures of the wedding. It was a neat little wedding...

Special prints - Bíborördög

Groom's - Digel

Venue - VillaBogart

Special china - Katalin Pápai

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