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  • Peter Wendl

Wedding in The Writer's Villa, Budapest

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

Have you thought about having your wedding in a Villa in Budapest but you have less than 50 guests? The Brody Writer's Villa might be your best bet. I have been so lucky to be able to photograph the wedding of this amazing Chinese couple.

It all started quite close to their wedding. When Feng and Hao got in touch with me it was well into Spring and they were planning their small wedding for the same year in June. Luckily they booked the venue for a Tuesday. They got a nice offer for a weekday and they were also able to book the Writer's Villa for only one night. (since it needs to be booked for 3 days at least).

I have never worked in the The Writer's Villa before. I was so excited about it. It lays really close to city centre, yet you feel very distant from all the hassle of it. The Villa has its old charm and it seems to easy to decorate. I, however, assume it is quite a challenge to do so. Erzsi (Bodzavirág Műhely) took the Villa to a next level with many subtle but still decorative items. When guest started showing up everything came to alive. The whole atmosphere was just amazing.

Feng had two wedding dresses. She changed after the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. I have to admit I liked her second dress a lot better. We had the photo session 2 days after the wedding. Unfortunately the weather did not let us do it and we had to reschedule the session. By then she had to return the wedding dress to the rental place. I was so happy she came to the photo session in her second dress. It was just like her personality airy, modest but still very characteristic. Their wish was to have the session in the City Park. We were so lucky with the weather this time. It was neither hot nor cold. The pictures came out so well thanks to that little breeze.

I keep telling my clients you do not need to look for me during your wedding day. What you only need to do is "be there", live all the moments. And I mean to be there with your soul, with all of your emotions and feelings. I will be there somewhere in the back capturing your most precious moments in a photojournalistic style. It is always a bit different when there is a filming through out the wedding day. It is almost never an issue, though. Especially when it is a team I share common history with. I enjoyed working with Szilvi and Peter (Bridal Film). It is always a thrill. Thank you.

The dinner and the party went well. Almost all of the male guests ended up in the pool that is located behind the building. They were having so much fun.

Since Ildiko (My Wedding Planner) did all the planing for their wedding I needed to give only a little input before the wedding for the sake of good pictures.

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