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Morning photography #1 Várkert Bazár

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

I have been planning to launch this series of posts. I do not know how far I can get with this, though. I probably should have done this the other way around. I would have needed to blog about the pros and cons of morning photography. I will do that later. I promise.

I can say 2018 was the year of morning shootings. I have to admit. I love shooting in the mornings and I am over the clouds when my suggestion is approved by the couple.

This time I will show you an engagement session at Várkert Bazár in Budapest. We did not need to wake up too early as this morning shooting was scheduled for 5:15 am. The sun woke up at 5:25. We needed to get there before the sun came.

We picked the Lánchíd and the Várkert Bazár. The sunrise was just simply breathtaking. It is not like this every morning but this time it was exceptional.

Várkert Bazár by the way is not the perfect venue for wedding photographers who use only natural ambient light. Sun sets behind Buda Castle. Depending on the season the sun lights the venue until early or late afternoon. But it is never exposed to golden hour. Since this lovely couple agreed on an early morning shooting I immediately suggested this venue.

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