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Wedding at Bolyki vinery

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

This was my first wedding I photographed in the amazing Bolyki vinery. This wedding venue has its really mystical charm. It was a mine previously. Or at least it looks like one.

I had already been in Eger. The catholic church was not new to me. It is grandiose. It can fit at least 1000 people. At an average wedding guests are around 100. A photographer should always pay attention to this...

It was an awful rainy day. When I left Budapest for the wedding everything was grey. I knew I will have to work on the mood when I get there. I was not totally mistaken however, I was expecting a lot worse. The bride and the bridesmaids were in a cramped massage room getting their makeups and their hair done. They were laughing and telling stories. It was so funny to be in such a small room. Like everything this had already a reason.

Previously, I asked the bride to keep one room tidy for the boudoir shots. She took it very seriously. I was so glad, I had to rearrange the suite just a little. Thank you Tündi once more!

When we left for the church it stopped raining. That was a miracle. (This usually happens at weddings.)

They had two ceremonies one in the Basilica of Eger and the civil ceremony at Bolyki Vinery. I have witnessed and photographed a lot of emotions. After 10 years of photographing weddings I still feel really special I could be there for moments like these.

Oh, I almost forgot. Amazing speeches. We were having magnificent speeches during dinner. I had hardly time to work on my same day edit. I had to stand up all the time since there was something going on all the time.

venue 1: Bolyki Winery

wedding planner:

venue 2:



bride's dresses:

Kiss Noel



decor, flower:

Dinnyés Andrea




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