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Morning photography #2 Liberty Bridge

Frissítve: 2020. jan. 29.

I have been planning to launch this series of posts. I do not know how far I can get with this, though. I probably should have done this the other way around. I would have needed to blog about the pros and cons of morning photography first. I will do that later. I promise.

I can say 2018 was the year of morning shootings. I have to admit. I love shooting in the mornings and I am over the clouds when my suggestion is approved by the couple.

This time I will show you an engagement session at one of my favorite bridges in Budapest. The Liberty Bridge. We had to wake up really early as this morning shooting was scheduled for July the 4th . The sun woke up at 4.50.

We still had plenty of time until the wedding, since it took place in September, the bride decided, however, on this day. Her birthday fell into this day.

For brides make up is always the question when it comes to morning photography. If she makes it for herself, she needs to wake up early to get it done. On the contrary, if she is going to get the make up done by a professional, it is pretty hard to get one in this awkward time. Say 3 am. This time the make up artist was a lazy one... (sorry Bogi)... They made the makeup the night before the shooting. The bride slept in it, did some refinements in the morning by herself and voila... Well done Bogi Szántó with this one. Noémi looked stunning at 4.45 the other day.

Let's say some nice words of Peter, the groom as well. He came all woken up and totally ready for the photo shooting. Usually the problem is with men at such early time... But this time. Well done. Thank you.

We have agreed on venues where their relationship started at Corvinus University. This university has a really good location and the surroundings are so versatile. It is, I believe, really easy to take nice pictures when you have a beautiful couple like this. And the lights, oh, they are exceptional every morning.

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