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Happy Holidays!

Frissítve: 2022. dec. 22.

How does a wedding vendor prepare for Christmas? What parties does he attend to? Well...

We have seen and worked on many amazing Christmas parties. After all these experience how one should look like when we do it on our own?

You can have a glimpse through this short clip and some pictures. We had good friends and stories in a breathtaking atmosphere. It was such a blast to delight the senses. Amazing decoration, food, sweets and joy all around.

Sadly, I cannot be with all my friends and colleagues whom I spend my working hours during the whole year. I could invited one or two...

Finally, we have worked really a lot after two troublesome years. Covid had been really on our backs. This year was the year I would be happy with anytime. Thank you for my friends and colleagues helping me achieve the visually pleasing outcome on every wedding and photo shooting. Obviously my love goes out to my clients either I photographed the first time or the ones who come every now and then for a session.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas and I wish all of you a happy and joyful year in 2023!

See you soon!

Since I was there and I brought my gear,.. I took some pictures as well, just for fun. :)

Bútor: Chairstyle

Ceremóniamester: Myweddinghost


Hang és fénytechnika: Ecler Wedding Crew

Helyszín: Tópart Hotel

Rendezvényszervező: Esküdni mernék

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