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Maternity pictures at Budaors

Frissítve: 2020. jún 23.

I have taken the maternity pictures for this beautiful couple at #Budaors.

Their wedding happened not long ago at Eger. I remember clearly the wedding. It was a rainy day but we had tons of fun all day long.

This time Tündi called me to take their photos as they were expecting a baby. What she knew was is that she wanted the belly pictures somewhere in the nature. I just had a photo shooting near #Budapest at #Kőhegy. Another client of mine asked their engagement session to be shot at this venue. They had a strong connection to this area. I found out it was a miraculous place with superb sunsets.

It was not easy to find a day that worked all of us. There was a problem with the dress as well as far as I remember. It was delivered later than expected, I guess.

All in all we scheduled the photo shooting for mid September. Weather can be tricky in the first month of Fall. Usually it is warm as we move on from the first cool days early September. This time, however, some Nordic winterish, stormy weather came. We were freezing on the top of this small hill at Budaors. It felt we were like almost at 2-3000 meters... But Kőhegy is less than 500 meters, I suppose.

Poor Tündi could use a warm jacket. On top of that Erwin - his husband - was stuck in traffic. He was 30 minutes late. Luckily she could stand the cold as we are not taking #maternity pictures in huge jackets.

Erwin came just in time before the sun set behind the hills on the horizon. Tündi was really happy she could hug him to get a little warmth. At least the wind came as an amazing assistant for the #pictures.

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