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Maternity pictures in Szentendre

We went to Szentendre in this amazing February weather to take some maternity pictures. Juci and Bence did not come out of nowhere. We got connected through a friend. They wanted to have cool baby expecting pictures without the boringness and ridiculousness of the mainstream photographs. You know standing in front of a camera in a studio with a long red dress or wrapped in some kind of a textile wearing only lingerie.

I am so happy for these clients. This is where I can shine absolutely. It does not matter whether it is a maternity session or a engagement session. We take it seriously absolutely not. In such cases I “pretend” to be clueless about the venues either. This is on purpose. I try to make the client think where they want their shots taken. This come out always better instead of me pushing some place I know the lights are amazing. I am able to max out a venue and keep me excited as well. It will not be boring for me and the pictures are going to be uniquely tailored for the clients. The pictures are taken for them after all, aren’t they.

And then came the question. Peter, where should we take the pictures? I have listed at least 3-4 possible places just as fast as possible and left them with a hint to surprise me. I love working on unknown places. Unknown for me of course. Clients enjoy walking in neighborhoods that they know and actually love the way I see them, photograph them in these areas. Szentendre I know well. But I asked them to take me to streets I do not know. Maternity pictures should not be stereotypically the way many people would think.

This happens rarely but we needed to reschedule our photo shooting 2-3 times, I reckon. I am not sure though. The weather was so hectic. We had rain and storm in February. Really “typical” weather conditions in Center Europe. Is global warming really coming? However these circumstances we managed to get our appointment before Juci gave birth. And oh boy… It was warm and sunny. I even made them take off their coats even their sweaters for couple of pictures. The sun was really strong the wind eased out totally. It felt like April for me.

We made to some small street and also up to the hills where the big Church is.

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